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Author/ Gilles Quispel

  • ISBN: 978-90-71608-36-0
  • 704 pp, hardcover

Hermetische Geschriften


HERMETISCHE GESCHRIFTEN This edition incorporates in a Dutch translation virtually all works that were attributed in the Graeco-Roman world to Hermes Trismegistus, a mythic teacher who was supposed to have lived in Ancient Egypt. These works, which date from the first centuries CE, offer a religious-philosophical interpretation of reality, one in which God, the cosmos […]

  • ISBN: 978 90 71608 15 5
  • Bound, 25 x 18 cm., 380 pp. ilus.

Het Evangelie van Thomas


About this book: Gilles Quispel, who earlier brought out Valentinus de gnosticus en het Evangelie der Waarheid and the Corpus Hermeticum and Asclepius for the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, now offers a new impetus to the study of Early Christianity with a new translation and commentary of what is also known as ‘the fifth gospel’, the Gospel of Thomas. The […]

  • ISBN: 978 90 71608 12 4
  • 26,5 x 20, 5 cm., 206 pp.

Corpus Hermeticum

2003 (1st ed. 1990)

About this book: Translation of the seventeen treatises of the Corpus Hermeticum. Both the introduction and commentary devote special attention to the numerous parallels with the Gnostic texts found near Nag Hammadi in Egypt. There are only a few copies left of the fifth, revised edition of the Corpus Hermeticum which was orginally edited by Roelof […]

  • ISBN: 978 90 71608 13 1
  • 25,5 x 17 cm., 147 pages. illus.

Valentinus de gnosticus en zijn Evangelie der Waarheid


About this Book: A study of the life, work and influence of the gnostic Valentinus (ca. 100-160), who nearly rose to become bishop of Rome, but was eventually ejected by the established Catholic Church on account of his heretical views. The book includes a translation, from the Coptic, of Valentinus’ Evangelium Veritatis, in addition to […]

  • 26,5 x 20,5 cm., ca 350 pp.

Asclepius. De volkomen openbaring van Hermes Trismegistus


About this Book: First Dutch translation of the Asclepius. Before the rediscovery of the Corpus Hermeticum, the Latin Asclepius (the Greek original is lost) was the only major Hermetic work known in the West. The work was probably written in the first centuries CE; the author reveals his familiarity with Egyptian mystery cults, Middle Platonist works, […]