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  • ISBN: 978-90-71608-36-0
  • e-book, epub

Hermetische Geschriften – ebook


HERMETISCHE GESCHRIFTEN This edition incorporates in a Dutch translation virtually all works that were attributed in the Graeco-Roman world to Hermes Trismegistus, a mythic teacher who was supposed to have lived in Ancient Egypt. These works, which date from the first centuries CE, offer a religious-philosophical interpretation of reality, one in which God, the cosmos […]

  • ISBN: 978-90-71608-27-8
  • e-book, epub

Gnosis in de Oudheid – ebook


About this Book: The gnostic movement in the first centuries CE was highly controversial: both early Christian authors and Greek platonic philosophers were outspoken in their condemnation of this intriguing undercurrent of religious experience in Western culture, which continues to appeal to many even today. It is an ironic fact of history that the ideas of […]

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  • ISBN: 978 90 71608 25 4
  • e-book, epub

Der magische Schriftsteller Gustav Meyrink – ebook


About this Book: This work is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the Gustav Meyrink collection in the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, the second part consists of a bibliographical description of the materials. Some of the subjects being dealt with are: the life and work of the author Gustav Meyrink, Meyrink’s literary and esoteric worlds, […]

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