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Valentinus de gnosticus en zijn Evangelie der Waarheid

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Distributor: Distributed for the BPH by De Rozekruis Pers.

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  • Year: 2003
  • ISBN: 978 90 71608 13 1
  • Price: € 15,00 incl 9% tax
  • Language: Dutch
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Bound: 25,5 x 17 cm., 147 pages. illus.

About this Book: A study of the life, work and influence of the gnostic Valentinus (ca. 100-160), who nearly rose to become bishop of Rome, but was eventually ejected by the established Catholic Church on account of his heretical views. The book includes a translation, from the Coptic, of Valentinus’ Evangelium Veritatis, in addition to another gnostic text, the Letter to Flora, by Ptolemaeus, a disciple of Valentinus. Three highly illuminating and relevant illustrations are included, including a 16th-century woodcut portraying the gnostic system according to Ptolemaeus. Quispel’s explanation for this probably earliest known printed illustration of a gnostic system is added.

Distributed for the BPH by De Rozekruis Pers.