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Der magische Schriftsteller Gustav Meyrink – ebook

seine Freunde und sein Werk

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About this Book: This work is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the Gustav Meyrink collection in the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, the second part consists of a bibliographical description of the materials. Some of the subjects being dealt with are: the life and work of the author Gustav Meyrink, Meyrink’s literary and esoteric worlds, the cities of Prague, Vienna and Munich, Meyrink’s interest in India, yoga, magic, Rosicrucians and theosophy, Meyrink and World War I, the novels Der Golem and Der Engel vom Westlichen Fenster, Meyrink’s plays and later stories influenced by the Wiener Werkstätten, Meyrink and art, theatre and the new medium of the silent film, the Rosicrucian novel Der weisse Dominikaner, alchemy and hermetica, the cooperation with the mystical writer Friedrich Alfred Schmid Noerr, Meyrink’s legacy, Meyrink’s first editor, Eduard Frank, and Meyrink in the Netherlands.

This study describes the collection of Gustav Meyrink’s correspondence, autographs and printed editions in the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, with reference to other important Meyrink collections. The book offers brief introductions to various contexts and themes relevant to an understanding of this German author of fantastical and esoteric literature as well as a bibliographical description of the collection.
Diese Studie umfasst die Sammlung von Gustav Meybrinks Briefwechseln, Handschriften und gedruckten Editionen der Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, mit Verweis auf andere bedeutende Meyrink-Sammlungen. Das Buch bietet eine kurze Einführung in Kontexte und Thematiken, die zentral für das Verständnis des Autors ist, ebenso wie eine bibliografische Beschreibung seines Werkes.

On a blustery day in the autum of 2008 the BPH staged an afternoon of talks and performances in Amsterdam’s Westerkerk to celebrate the publication of Theodor Harmsen’s Der magische Schriftsteller, a work on Gustav Meyrink, his circle, and the collection of Meyrinkiana in the BPH. At the same time an exhibition on Meyrink curated by Theodor Harmsen opened in the library. Presided over by a majestic painted portrait of Gustav Meyrink, which is also the cover illustration of Der magische Schriftsteller, this exhibition showed a range of photographs, first editions, periodicals, unique manuscripts and artefacts. Der magische Schriftsteller, published by the library’s publishing house In de Pelikaan, was praised by a reviewer of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for its ‘impressive presentation of documents and letters, expertly annotated by Harmsen.

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