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Frank van Lamoen

Frank van Lamoen

In the summer of 1977 Frank van Lamoen cycled to Glastonbury in search of King Arthur’s grave. He read the work of Arthur Edward Waite on the Grail and became acquainted with the magic of the Golden Dawn. While studying 18th-century Dutch literature he discovered the work of Willem van Swaanenburg (1679-1728), a religiously inspired journalist who incorporated alchemical concepts in his periodicals which only served to make his texts all but incomprehensible to his readers. This was the beginning of a lasting fascination for alchemy and the philosophy of Hermes Trismegistus. Frank van Lamoen wrote a number of works for The Ritman Library, including a textual history of the Corpus Hermeticum: Pater philosophorum. Tekstgeschiedenis van het Corpus Hermeticum (1990). In 1996 he once more set out in search of Tintagel and the cave of Merlin with his beloved Cis van Heertum.

Who was Ali Puli?

February 26th, 2013

  It is now thirty years ago that I saw him for the first time, talking to Hayy Ibn Yaqzan. The two philosophers were discussing the Sal Naturae Concentratum, one of the many names for the Philosopher’s Stone. The philosophical talks were created by Willem van Swaanenburg (1679-1728), a journalist with an inclination for spiritualism […]

Frank van Lamoen