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Exhibition ‘All in All’ on Jacob Böhme, Dresden – August-November 2017

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The conceptual world of the mystic philosopher Jacob Böhme

26 August to 19 November 2017 

We are proud to share that we are lending seventeen items, one of which is a very unique portrait of Jacob Böhme, to the exhibition on Jacob Böhme in the Schlosskapelle of the Residenzschloss in Dresden, Germany.

One of the most important German thinkers, the philosopher and mystic Jacob Böhme (1575 – 1624)  made an impact on literature, philosophy, religion and art that resonated well beyond German borders and that persists even today. Focussing on central concepts in Böhmes work, the Dresden State Art Collections are devoting an exhibition to Böhme in the autumn of 2017 because, despite the fact that Jacob Böhme held a great fascination for writers and artists of later generations, his work is little-known today.

Pieter van Gunst, Bildnis Jacob Böhme, 1686/1715 – Kupferstich, Kupferstich-Kabinett

One hundred years after the beginning of the Reformation – on the eve of the 30 Years’ War, as religious disagreements reached their climax – Jacob Böhme attempted to renew the idea of the Reformation. At a time when new scientific discoveries were undermining people’s firmly established images of the world, Böhme sought to bring opposing schools of thought together in creative ways. He did not view religion and science as contradictory; for him, researching the natural world was closely connected to awareness of God. His convictions regarding the philosophy of nature soon earned him the criticism of the church, but he refused to allow this to distract him – despite being forbidden from writing by the church. As the author of numerous works, the self-taught Böhme was active in many different disciplines, promoting interconnections and asking questions which are still remarkably relevant today.

With the exhibition, the palace chapel of the Dresden Royal Palace (Residenzschloss), reconstructed in 2013, will function as a museum space for the first time. Graphics, paintings, scientific instruments and handcrafted objects will be exhibited alongside selected manuscripts and printed editions of Böhme’s works. Since the floor plan of the exhibition follows Böhme’s own hand-drawn model for the workings of the cosmos, visitors to the exhibit will be able to enter and “walk through” Böhme’s conceptual world. 

In the basement floor of the Palace Chapel, the film „Morgenröte im Aufgang – Hommage à Jacob Böhme“ by Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer, Ronald Steckel and Klaus Weingarten will be shown.

An exhibition of the Dresden State Art Collections, in collaboration with Lucinda Martin, University of Erfurt, and Cecilia Muratori, University of Warwick. 

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, published by Sandstein Verlag, Dresden.

  • WHEN 26/08/2017 – 19/11/2017
  • OPENING HOURS daily 10-18 o’clock , Tuesday closed 
  • ADMISSION FEES normal 6 €, reduced 4,50 €, under 17 free, groups (10 persons and more) 5,50 € exhibition and Hausmann Tower

For more information, see here

Download the specially designed app for mobile for free to learn more about the wonderful figure of Jacob Böhme, the exhibition, and the shown works: 

Die Philosophische Kugel, 1730 – Aus: Jacob Böhme, Vierzig Fragen von der Seelen

4 Responses to Exhibition ‘All in All’ on Jacob Böhme, Dresden – August-November 2017

  1. Nicholas Siegert says:

    This is wonderful. I would very much like to attend the exhibit. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to get there. Will there be any merchandise available associated with the show? I would be interested in purchasing something, a catalog, A book, poster, or other associated merchandise. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • BPH says:

      Hi Nicholas! We’re sorry to hear you won’t be able to make it to the exhibition. But good news indeed: we will soon be adding special Böhme notebooks to our webshop, accompanying this exhibition. Otherwise the museum in Dresden also published 2 books related to this exhibtion, one of which is a beautiful exhibition catalogue. We don’t sell it in our webshop, but if you get in touch with them there must be a way to order it with them:
      Happy discovering and perhaps see you later :-) ^Beatrice

  2. Kjell Strand says:

    Could you please send information about the exibition to My mailadress. I am abroad for the moment and want to order the exibition catalog when I am bak in Norway. Thanks.

    • BPH says:

      Hei Kjell, I am only seeing your message now, but I have just sent you the link to all the exhibition information. Best regards, Beatrice

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