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Explore – Encounter – Enterprise

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Amsterdam is a city characterized by an amazing diversity, authenticity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. A city with a heart big enough to embrace the whole world, a city that has been a figurehead and a haven of free thought. A city where prohibited books were printed, where free minds were given space to express their thoughts irrespective of their cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Every citizen of Amsterdam, every tourist, businessman or student visiting Amsterdam seeks to encounter that spirit of freedom.

In 2018 Amsterdam will boast a unique new project: the House with the Heads – Embassy of the Free Mind, encompassing a world-famous library and a platform for free thinking. The Embassy of the Free Mind will find a permanent home in the House with the Heads at 123, Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The city’s canal area is in the top ten of Dutch UNESCO World Heritage sites. The building ranks in the top 100 of listed buildings of historical and cultural importance in the Netherlands. This special place will be given a new cultural destination as part of the plans of the Worldheart Foundation.


In order to make the wealth of inspiring images and rich cultural history of the House with the Heads and Amsterdam’s Golden Age accessible to a wide public, we intend to offer an interactive experience to visitors. In addition to routing, a stimulating programme of activities will be created that will include exhibitions, tours, talks, debates and conferences. The House with the Heads will also accommodate the library’s collections. The ‘House with the Heads’ museum will be open to the public at the end of 2018. The museum’s routing is expected to attract 50,000 visitors a year.

Explore, Encounter and Enterprise is the motto that is at the heart of the Embassy of the Free Mind. Nor is it limited to Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht. Since 2014 a travelling exhibition on the rich visual language contained in the library has been touring Europe, and an international scholarly and museum network has been mobilised to create a dynamic public programme of events. Thanks to the support of Dan Brown and the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, the core collection of pre-1900 printed books and manuscripts is being digitised and will be made available online. The collection will thus become ‘Hermetically Open’ prior to the official reopening of the library in the House with the Heads.

Both the House and the museum collection carry the DNA of free thought. The Worldheart Foundation seeks to involve partners who, touched by the fire of the free mind, have a drive to get things done. The Foundation invites the free minds of today to contribute to the creation of the Embassy of the Free Mind. Each and every free mind is able to make a difference in the world of today. Now is the moment to make the difference.

Robert Fludd’s ‘The Spiritual Brain’ from his De supernaturali, naturali, praenaturali … microcosmi historia from 1619

See for more information and artist impressions of the future plans. 

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