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Exhibition ‘Hermetically Open’ 9-18 June, Harlingen

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From 9 – 18 June we organised a pop-up exhibition in the entrepôt building in the harbour of the city of Harlingen, in the north of the Netherlands. The exhibition was called “Hermetically Open” and showed unique images from books in The Ritman Library. Some of the images presented were almost 2 metres high! It was a true multimedia exhibition, including three iPads showing our ‘Divine Wisdom – Divine Nature’ presentation, the opportunity to browse our YouTube channel with many free webinars or check out our Facebook page with 2 informative posts a day. We also screened the 90minutes long The Ritman Library documentary produced by Artoldo. The documentary, which will be available in our webshop soon, drew many positive responses

Many activities were simultaneously taking place in the entrepôt building, such as presentations, but also a concert, a dance workshop, and a small excursion for primary school children. The children were given a puzzle to solve called ‘Ja vind die Code’ (Yes find that Code – an allusion to The Da Vinci Code) for which they had to match image details in their puzzle with the actual images in the exhibition. After finding the match, they were asked to look for a specific letter in the image or the accompanying explanation, finally creating a sentence: “wie zoekt zal vinden” – “who seeks shall find”. Beatrice Augrandjean, of marketing and communication, together with teacher Annabel of Stichting tussen Kunst & Kids talked with the children about The Ritman Library, philosophy and the meaning of the solution to the puzzle. It was lovely to have all these different types of visitors discover our collection through these images!

Below an impression of the exhibition, the visits we had, and the beautiful city of Harlingen (no Facebook account required).

From 9 – 18 June we organised a "pop-up" exhibition in the entrepot building in the harbour of the city of Harlingen, in…

Geplaatst door The Ritman Library op dinsdag 20 juni 2017

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