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12 Reasons You’ll Want To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Amsterdam

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Every year, The Worldheart Foundation offers a firework show to the city of Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve. And it’s not a regular kind of show; every show is dedicated to a special theme, expressing a special symbolism. For 2016/2017 the theme was “The Fire of the Free Mind”. After reading the meaning behind it and seeing how it’s done, you might want to come next year yourself.

Already 20 years now, people from the Jordaan area in Amsterdam invite their families to come over and watch the show among some 10,000 other Amsterdammers and tourists. The show always takes place on the bridge at the junction of Bloemgracht and Prinsengracht, across from Westerkerk Church and the Anne Frank House. The show is designed and provided by Pyrofoor de Amsterdam B.V.
Video by Amanda Beugeling (Peace and Pixels).

Joost R. Ritman, founder of The Ritman Library, talks in the  video below about the deed of transfer he and his wife signed to make possible the “Embassy of the Free Mind”. The future location of The Ritman Library in the House with the Heads in Amsterdam will offer a platform to visualize and represent the free mind. Joost R. Ritman talks about the secret of Amsterdam and what made it such a free haven for contrarian thinkers. It is the Fire of the Free Mind that illuminates the heart of man and makes him bear responsibility for his great gift – in the past, as well as in the present and future.

Watch the video here and find out why you won’t want to miss at the end of this year!
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1. When it’s Dutch, there are bikes. But for such a special occasion, there will be a clear bike-free zone (and that’s really something with 881,000 bikes for 834,713 Amsterdam inhabitants)


2. Don’t worry: all security measures are taken and the police and the municipality of Amsterdam are all very well informed


3. The show is taken very seriously


4. Like, very seriously


5. You can watch the preparations during the day


6. Did we mention Amsterdam is also highly picturesque during the day?


7. Now you understand why the preparations took all day for this 30 minutes show


8. Celebrating a rainbow of colours in the tolerant city of Amsterdam


9. Ever seen fireworks that look like starry nebula from outer space? Now you did


10. You might wonder where you were last years with previous themes like ‘The Fire Dance of the Light’, ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Back to the Source of the Light’ and ‘The Resurrection of the Phoenix’


11. No wonder 10k people come to see the show every year


12. The Fire of the Free Mind lightens the heart of man, and gives him the responsibility for his great gift – in the past, as well as in the present and future. See you at New Year’s Eve? ;)

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  1. RENAULT MG says:

    Merci beaucoup pour les nouvelles lumineuses du pays.

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