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Chymical Wedding – symposium Järna, Sweden NOV 2016

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Chymical Wedding – symposium Järna, Sweden

From 25-27 November 2016, a symposium entitled “New Time, New Consciousness – Chymical Wedding” took place in Järna, Sweden. The Symposium was organised by the Lectorium Rosicrucianum Sweden and the Swedish Anthroposophical Society.

One of the presentations during the symposium was given by Esther Ritman, director and librarian of The Ritman Library. Her English presentation dealt with the Rosicrucians’ history in Europe. More specifically, she talked about Robert Fludd and his engravings for which he is perhaps best known. Robert Fludd (1574 – 1637) was an acclaimed English physician, mathematician, alchemist and defender of the Rosicrucian impetus. Fludd is the author of over twenty philosophical, medical and scientific works. He wrote several comments on the Rosicrucian manifestoes.

Extract from Esther Ritman’s presentation

In her presentation, Esther Ritman explained how in his slightly satirical allegory A Nosce te ipsum: To the Malicious Detractor or, the Calumniators Vision Robert Fludd took his critics to task, summing up his views on creation and the evolution of macrocosm and microcosm and describing how closely they were interwoven. He also urged his detractors to become aware of their divine origin. He did so in the following words:

Return, return (I say) into yourself, subject your body to your reasonable soul by diving into your inward treasure, and prostrate and submit…your mental and spiritual part to God; for in this way you will be made one spirit with him, on the condition that you will persevere in humility, and acknowledge from the bottom of your heart the grace bestowed on you by your Creator, by which means you will be glorified and exalted […] For this reason I urge you with all my heart to ascend from this world to God, that is, to turn into yourself, because to climb up to God is to enter into yourself, and not only inwardly to visit your precious Soul, but also to advance into its very centre, where you will view and behold your Creator […] And so I say, you will come to understand, that each man is your brother, and that your brother is part of yourself, and that all men are but one and the same thing in species, which is in effect the very unity … and essence of God Himself. This, however, is obscured from the sight of unworthy men by the material mantle of nature.

Robert Fludd’s visualisation of the relationship between God, the Cosmos and Man

Photos of the event

Esther Ritman giving a lecture on Robert Fludd

Jaana Två, Björn Kjellgren, and Nils Malmquist

Antroposofiska sällskapet in Järna

The Swedish flowers were shining!





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