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The Ritman Library will move to the House with the Heads

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In April 2016 the BPH will start preparing for the move to the new premises on 123, Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, the 17th century building known as ‘The House with the Heads’. As of 5 April, the library on Bloemstraat will no longer be open to the public. The renovation will take place in stages, and we hope to be able to welcome our visitors in selected parts of the building as soon as possible. We would like to keep you abreast of the project’s progress via this newsletter and our social media channels. More information on the House with the Heads can be found on


As a gesture to our annual library card holders and Friends we would like to invite them for a special Friends Evening in the House with the Heads to update them about the project. Friends who are unable to attend will be sent a link to a video of the event in due course.

Would you also like to be actively involved in this project? By becoming a Friend or a Fellow you, too, can make an important contribution to help realize the new accommodation of The Ritman Library. The benefits of being a Friend or a Fellow are listed on our Support us page.

11 Responses to The Ritman Library will move to the House with the Heads

  1. Pablo I. Altieri, II, M.D. says:

    Wonderful the work you are doing!

  2. Dion Lucas Lima Rios says:

    I’m very glad that this is happenning!

  3. Dr. Benny Madalijns says:

    As above, so below…keep on rolin’

  4. Thank you for all you do for alchemy, it has an incredible impact on our civilization. In 1999-200 there was an exhibition in Florence where the main ancient texts are from your library; the title of the exhibition was: “Marsilio Ficino and the return of Hermes Trismegistus”. By the way, a multi-headed palace… There is one in Florence as well… Palazzo Valori-Altoviti – Wikipedia

  5. Rudy Jakma says:

    Having been an employee of Mr. Joost Ritman in the 1970s I consider it an honour to have seen first-hand the incredible amount of energy and determination that eventually led to the establishment of this library that has grown into a collection of international importance.
    I salute the Ritman family and congratulate them with their immense achievement.

  6. Was al tweemaal op bezoek bij jullie. Wacht ongeduldig op het einde van die verhuis. Weet u al wanneer we kunnen terugkomen?

    Als ik naar jullie adres een persoonlijke mail stuur naar dhr J Slavenburg, kunnen jullie hem die dan overmaken?
    Met beleefde groeten, K. Roose

    • BPH says:

      Beste K. Roose,
      We zijn zelf ook ongeduldig tot de verhuizing is afgelopen! Het Huis met de Hoofden ondergaat momenteel de oplevering en daarna zal de fundering, inrichting en verdere verbouwing plaatsvinden. We verwachten medio 2018 weer open te gaan. Het zal het wachten waard zijn, beloofd!
      De mail kunt u naar ons sturen, maar dhr. Slavenburg heeft ook een website waar u bericht kunt achterlaten:
      Vriendelijke groeten,

  7. Arie moerkerk says:

    Wilt u mij op de hoogte houden?

    • BPH says:

      Goedemiddag, u kunt u aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief onder aan deze pagina. Als u wilt kunnen wij het ook voor u doen.
      Vriendelijke groeten,

  8. mark rendina says:

    Fascinated by the quality and passion of your work. I did my MA thesis on the Hermetic library Library of Bartelmus Schoebinger, 1537 (friend and patron of Paracelsus) located in St Gallen Switzerland. So I know what you have there. Its the only possible answer to the machine of modernism that is destroying the West.


    Great work, thank you very much for keeping all this knowledge to the public.

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