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A tribute to Jacob Böhme: Morgenröte im Aufgang

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A tribute to Jacob Böhme: Morgenröte im Aufgang (Aurora or Dayspring)

Jacob Böhme is undeniably something of a miracle in the history of mankind, particularly in the history of German thought. Jacob Böhme (1575-1624), the shoemaker and visionary of Görlitz, is the least known, most mysterious and at the same time potentially the most influential figure in the German history of ideas. His philosophical work, which amounts to thousands of pages, posits a radical Christianity and contains a wealth of anthropological, cosmological and natural philosophical ideas which have still not been fully explored to date.

‘Morgenröte im Aufgang’ is a film which attempts to bring this important person closer to a modern audience, thereby throwing light on some fundamental spiritual issues of our time.

‘Morgenröte im Aufgang’ is not a biographical period-piece documentary, but a feature film, in which Jacob Böhme, personified by an actor as “The man who writes”, speaks to us in his own words, based on the edition of the collected works of Jacob Böhme published in Amsterdam in 1730.


A film by Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer, Ronald Steckel and Klaus Weingarten
HD / bw&colour / 16:9 / 81 min / German language
Production Nootheather & Organization For Transformation Of The Cinema 2015 /


One Response to A tribute to Jacob Böhme: Morgenröte im Aufgang

  1. eine ausgezeichnete Annäherung an Jacob Böhme.
    Wir werden am Donnerstag, 10.9., in Hannover diesen Film anschauen.

    Seid herzlich gegrüßt aus dieser Stadt des Van Rijckenborgh Konferenzzentrums.
    Liebe Grüße,

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