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The Ritman Library Emblem

Posted on by BPH

An explanation of The Ritman Library emblem designed by Rachel Ritman

The emblem consists of 7 components:

The white cubic stone is the cornerstone of Christ, as it is written in the Fama fraternitatis: ‘A seed, sown in the heart of Jesus’.

The cross, engraved in the white cubic stone is the roman numeral X, signifying Christ.

The four roses within this cross bear four letters, the Greek letters alpha and omega and the letters R and C, the beginning and end in Rosae Crucis, as it is written in the Fama fraternitatis.

The sun, the spiritual creative principle, the gnosis, casts its seven rays into the waxing moon.

The moon, on which the pelican stands, is a symbol of the Grail, the soul principle.

The pelican, Christ-like, feeds its three young with its own blood, and symbolizes the threefold process, as written in the Fama fraternitatis: ‘Ex Deo nascimur – In Jesu morimur – Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus‘.

The ourobouros, the green serpent devouring its own tail, encloses all other components and is the eternal spiritual force, the prima materia.

‘To me, the founder of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, the Brotherhood of the Rosycross remains a lasting inspiration, captured in the symbol which is the emblem of the library

Joost R. Ritman

5 Responses to The Ritman Library Emblem

  1. Tsvetan Sirmanov says:

    The major difference between biblical Christianity and other religions/religious philosophies is that biblical Christianity has been CONFIRMED BY GOD Himself. How? – By real prophecies and real miracles. This is the criterion of truth. This is the way NOT to be deceived.

    You will not accept as money each paper where is written 50 USD, will you? You look for marks of the bank, signatures, etc. Right!

    How then, you accept so easily, without examination, every man-maid belief related to your salvation, to your eternal destiny? Be on your guard!

  2. I appreciate your effort for the revealing of truth.

  3. Matthew C says:

    I just wanted to say as a young scholar, stumbling upon the Ritman is a really exciting development. I’m excited to visit Amsterdam at some point soon and schedule a tour, for my own studies and tempered curiosity. Thank you for housing all of this interesting scholarship that would have been lost to time and tear long ago if not for careful stewardship.

    Much appreciated,


  4. Martin Stam says:

    Am a layman, but nevertheless somewhat surprised about the attributed meaning of the letter X, to my knowledge being de Ch of Christos (Ancient Greek)instead of a Roman numeral…..???? Perhaps there is something about “10” I should know.

    Best Regards
    Martin Stam

  5. Rudy Jakma says:

    I have had the honour and privilege to work for the company that had been founded by Mr. Ritman’s father. Under his inspired management it grew to a concern that had the weight to allow him to build his library.
    Although I have lost contact during the intervening 35 years, I have never lost my respect for him. Mr. Ritman, I can truthfully testify, always has been a person of the very highest integrity. An inspiration, just as he himself has been driven by his ideals that were his own inspiration and driving force: to build something of high value, high spiritual value especially. Not for his own personal gain but for mankind.
    For that he deserves our gratitude.

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